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PP Project 1

Our first project raising funds for the work of the Love Care Share foundation is a book collaboration between Kelly Walsh, Dr Penny Sartori and twenty amazing contributors from around the world.


We are delighted that the first organization we have aligned with is Georgia’s children of the World.

Steve Murray is the founder of this amazing organization which was set up following the death of his only daughter Positivity Princess Georgia Louise Murray. He works tirelessly to make a positive difference in children’s lives affected by poverty and suffering.

How Positivity Power Movement and Georgia’s children of the world became aligned.

Georgia’s Children of the World have been working alongside Kelly Walsh’s Positivity Power Movement for several years now, sharing the same common goals to alleviate poverty amongst children at home and throughout the world through providing Water Healthcare Education and NutritionWHEN and wherever it is needed.

Myself and Kelly were introduced by mutual friends and spoke on the phone several times with great excitement that we had both met someone that understood the power of the Universe and the guidance that brought with it through our Angels.

We arranged to meet several times but it never quite happened … then one Friday in November 2013 close to 3rd anniversary of losing my daughter, Georgia , Kelly came around to my house quite late in the afternoon.

Our bond was immediate from the moment we began to speak … and as the light started to fade outside it dawned on me that although this wasn’t the exact date of Georgia’s passing it WAS the same day , Friday as the sun was setting ,the same time that the sun went down on Georgia’s short 19 years on this plane.

Since then we have shared unquestionable moments of being touched and guided by our Angels from beyond the Horizon , I took the route I understood from days of playing with my band to start to promote events to raise funds for Children in extreme poverty and need through music events.

Initially starting as a small event for family and friends G-Festival has now become a huge community event which this year raised £26K for our projects. Kelly and her Positivity Power Movement has actively supported all Georgia’s Children events for the past few years bringing a huge positive energy to the team.

Meanwhile Kelly has been working tirelessly in the background with her own dream that aligns perfectly with the ethos of Georgia’s Children of The world. All this effort is soon to come to fruition in the imminent release of her and Penny’s book … The Transformative Power on the near death experiences.

Georgia’s children of the world’s first project was working with CHOICE CAMBODIA and in January 2012 we opened our first Georgia’s House a classroom at the CHOICE CENTRE an hour outside of Phnom Penh for a community that has no water , no sanitation , no electricity , very little healthcare support and up till the opening of the CHOICE No education !

This year a supporter of CHOICE CAMBODIA purchased some land so that the centre can have a permanent base rather the rented property it currently occupies. It is Georgia’s Children’s and Kelly’s vision to help CHOCE Cambodia build their own school building on this land comprising 8 classrooms at a cost $60,000 roughly $7500 per Classroom.

It is truly special and guided by destiny that the first joint project of Georgia’s Children of the World and the Positivity Power Movement will be to work on the site where Georgia’s House 1 was originally opened in 2012… and even more poignant as Kelly noticed it will be in Phnom Penh , often referred as PP … the same initials as the Logo for the POSITIVITY POWER MOVEMENT …

We are now truly aligned and ready to make an even bigger difference to children in extreme need and poverty at home and around the world ! … Together we are…


In memory of

Positivity Princess Georgia Louise Murray

An angel flying too close to the ground …19 forever xxxx

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