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The more we Love, The more we Care, The more we Share & together through Positivity Power we change the world.


Together we can create a better world.

One were all children are loved, nurtured, protected and have their basic needs met in relation to food, clean water, housing, and education.

One where people live in peace and harmony and all that unites us far exceeds the things that divide us.

A united human race can build a better world through the work of a compassionate and loving caring, sharing global community.

Our movement and foundation were created to ignite the Positivity Power of people all over the world to make a difference.

Our ultimate goal is to create a global Positivity Power brand that will fund children’s projects globally via the work of the Love, Care, Share foundation.

The More we Love, the More we Care, the More we Share and together through Positivity Power we change the world.

Love Care Share.

Positive change agents: Positivity Princess Kelly Walsh, Positivity Prince Andy Woodward and team xxx


We believe that regardless of colour, creed, gender, sexuality, religious beliefs, or any other differences, we are all one, all connected and more powerful together than we could ever imagine.

Our planet has enough resources to nurture us all when we get the balance right. But that balance must see an end to war and destruction, an end to cruelty and greed, an end to suffering and injustice. It may seem hard to believe that we have the power to change anything when we flood ourselves with negativity and images of suffering through the mass media. But we know that by working together we can do this. Every tiny act of kindness is a step in the right direction.

Together we will move mountains. Always remember the more we love, the more we care, the more we share, and together through Positivity Power we will change the world in the most beautiful and lasting way forever.

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