Kelly Walsh and Andy Woodward have a deep understanding of how childhood circumstances, for example bullying and abuse can affect a child’s growth and development. They have both overcome insecurities and healed mental health issues brought about by things they both experienced in childhood.

It is their joint experiences that have brought them together and they are both passionate and determined to bring about a positive change in children’s lives around the world.

in their EYES

Every single child on planet earth is truly special, beautiful and amazing.

Every single child on planet earth deserves be loved unconditionally, nurtured and protected.

Every single child on planet earth should have their basic needs met in relation to food, water, housing and education.

Every single child on planet earth is a Prince or Princess regardless of colour, creed, gender, sexuality, religious beliefs or any other differences.

Positivity Power moves mountains and together in collaboration with a team of loving, caring, sharing souls they are developing a positive and inspiring brand, ethos and foundation that will change the world.


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Like a lot of children I grew up with deep routed emotional issues that affected by ability to truly love and accept myself. In my teenage years I developed an eating disorder and in my twenties suffered with periods of severe fight or flight anxiety coupled with depression. At the age of 33 I lost all hope, took a huge overdose and tried to end my physical life. In hospital I had a profound and life changing near-death experience and shouted out that like- minded souls would collaborate to change the world. What I learned from my experience has completely changed the course of my life, helped me to heal childhood wounds and inspired the creation of the Positivity Power movement and forms the foundation of the work I now do.

“The realization that we are all one, all connected, loved equally and unconditionally made me analyze my life and the direction it was heading in. I made a promise that one day I would collaborate with likeminded loving, caring, sharing souls to make a positive difference in children’s lives and the wider world”

Their shared purpose in life is simple:

Leave a beautiful legacy that positively impacts millions of children’s lives around the world


More about Andy Woodward / Positivity Prince Andy twitter@Pos_Prince

In November 2016 I revealed publicly for the first time sexual abusive that I suffered as a child whilst at Crewe Alexandra Fc. To date thousands of victims in sport and other areas across the globe have had the courage to report historical abuse. By waving my anonymity it has inspired other people to speak out about their abuse and receive the help and support they need without having to suffer in silence.

Abuse in any form is not acceptable. I have a vision to help and support children around the world not to suffer any form of abuse and use my experiences in life to give them a positive future.

In July 2017 I was introduced to Kelly Walsh. Upon meeting her I immediately felt a spiritual connection. We both shared our vision for change with children and immediately realised we both had exactly the same vision and passion to deliver a positive future for our next generation. She explained her previous projects explaining the brand PP and the concept behind it. I knew that this brand would be a global success. After several meetings we agreed to work together as being the male and female figures representing the Positivity Prince and Princess for children. We are now working aligned to make a huge difference.

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