Positivity Power Movement fuelling THE activity of the Love, Care, Share Foundation.

A small foundation with a big heart and an even bigger vision.

The Love Care Share foundation is a fund managed and facilitated by Forever Manchester, charity number 1017504.

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The more we Love, The more we Care, The more we Share & together through Positivity Power we change the world.


Co create & collaborate with like- minded loving, caring, sharing souls to positively impact the lives of millions of children lives around the world.

Create multiple revenue streams to support our humanitarian and philanthropic work.

Unite people from all creeds, cultures, faiths and non in global friendship to work collaboratively to affect positive change in children’s lives around the world.

Why do we need to do this?

Children are our future and every single child on the planet is precious.

We have a duty of care to ensure all children develop healthy happy hearts, minds, bodies and souls.

Each one deserves to be loved, nurtured, protected and have their basic needs met in relation to food, clean water, housing, and education.

Why we don’t rely just on donations

We believe relying solely on public donations in today’s economic climate is not fully sustainable.

We have volunteered for a couple of local small charities who are doing incredible work but who struggle daily to raise funds and keep afloat.

This is why we made the decision to focus on building positive products and services under the PP brand that will fund the work of the Love, Care, Share foundation.

our ultimate goals

To become a globally recognised Positivity Power brand.

A brand centred on its core values of love, care, share.

A brand that will positively impact the lives of millions of children.

A brand that will change the world.

The more we Love, the more we care, the more we share and together through Positivity Power we change the world.

Positivity Princess Kelly Walsh, Positivity Prince Andy Woodward and team xxx

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